Air Cargo handling

We offer all types of aviation or air cargo handling and warehousing. At you request, we can prepare the cargo for delivery in accordance with the IATA requirements.


We offer an extensive range of air cargo handling services. We can take care of the packing, repacking, lashing, re-weighing, collection, delivery, preparation of the documentation and labelling, as well as other services.


We provide import and export postal item handling. We inspect the postal items to make sure that each postal item is secure and does not contain any prohibited items.




General warehouse

Out general warehouse for the storage of normal cargo is 745 m2 large. Its shelf systems meet the requirements for working with both palletized and non-palletized goods.


Security containers

We offer three approximately 30m2 large security containers for storage of particularly valuable cargo (VAL/VUN).


Temperature controlled cargo

Goods that must be stored at a particular temperature can be refrigerated in our four storage rooms with the total area of 56m2. The container temperature is adjusted according to the specific requirements for the cargo (+2 – +8 C, -18 C, +15 – +25 C).


Live animals storage

Animals (AVI) can be stored in a 9m2 large area where they are serviced according to theIATA Live Animals Regulations.


Dangerous goods

The 8m2 area is suitable for storage of DGR cargo shipments according to the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.